Other weather conditions that impact MS

Other weather conditions that impact MS

I had therapy yesterday, and it was harder than it was the other day. I happened to be talking about the difficulty with a couple other people and one of the therapists. She said she can’t discuss diagnosis but we could. Which made me automatically know that the people around me all had multiple sclerosis. We all said “Yup I have MS” and we all we agreeing how we were having a “tough” MS day. Is it possible for people could all have the same tough day?

My therapist said for a while that weather does affect me. He wasn’t talking about the weather hot like the summer, which we all know the affects many MS patients. He was talking about the weather changes like winter to spring or moisture in the air. Those are the kind of changes he was talking about.

I have to admit. I always start therapy in the beginning of the year when I get my new year of insurance allowance of therapy days. And there comes a point where I seem like I’m so much stronger breezing through the exercises. Then all of a sudden the exercises start to get very difficult for me. He says every year that’s because the weather is changing winter is becoming spring. I have to say I’ve lived this now three years running I think there has to be truth to it. Every year I go through the same pattern. Is it coincidence? I don’t think so.

The four woman were all saying the same thing yesterday. It was a sunny day, not very hot but there was moisture in the air. It had an affect on us, all of us. Today it’s cloudy. It hasn’t rained but looks like it might. I never pay much attention to other weather conditions except heat and humidity. I think it’s a very valid argument. Do you have this too with the weather?

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  1. I have EDS & POTS and my hubby says I am a human barometer!! Any weather change seems to affect me, particularly changes in pressure – no win really.

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