Not fatigued, yet, but I have physical therapy so give it time. The weather is so wacky and I think that’s why. One day it’s cold, rainy 65 degrees and I’m wearing a sweatshirt. The next day it’s 75 and humid and I’m in shorts. My hair is frizzy again in the middle of October.

Amazingly I haven’t had migraines. An absolute blessing. I haven’t had one in at least a month (knock on wood). I’d think with these wacky weather changes that’s when the migraines would comes. Instead I’ve just been tired.

I’ve fought through severe fatigue after my Ocrevus infusion and that got better but I never bounced back from being tired. I’ve been going to sleep early, in bed by 9:30, and waking up late, some days 8:30. That’s a lot of sleep to still be tired. I get up because I have early appointments or because my aid gets here at 8:30 but most days I want to stay in bed. As I move around I wake up but I don’t feel the increased energy I once had. I don’t nap in the afternoon still. I need the weather to make its change and stay there. I honestly believe it’s a major part of my issue.

For now I have to go. I’m off to PT. An activity I don’t particularly love but is good for me. Looking forward to the cooler weather coming…eventually.

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