Day one of my retreat

Day one of my retreat

Not a bad view to wake up to this morning. I was exhausted. Slept without a bathroom break, that is a very rare. I didn’t move all night long. I needed that. It was three days that I didn’t sleep well. I was starting to get cranky.

Today I lead my very first group meditation. I’ve been around meditation since I was 10 but I never guided a group. I could critique myself but I why would I. Of course there was room for improvement but I did it and I had a plan and I was proud.

I faced my fear today too, I went to the dining hall alone in my scooter. Guess what, I wasn’t alone. I had people with me before I even left my building elevator. They helped me get food and a drink and I was set. There was no reason to fear. Unfortunately I’m still stubborn and hate having to ask for others to help. I wish I was more independent but I think it’s just one more aspect I need to accept.

The only thing bad is it is 3:30 and I’ve had no coffee. I’m starting to get a caffeine headache. They may have had coffee upstairs in the dinning hall but I missed it.

I was able to write my blog during our journal time. ?

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