So excited

So excited

I received word this morning:

I am pleased to inform you that your application has been selected by the committee for funding.  Please see the attached letter for details and instructions for fulfillment of this grant. 

I was approved for the last grant for my handicap van. This was truly the difference between the van being still very difficult to pay for each month and being affordable. I have never been so nervous opening an email.

I never doubted that I’d get the van even though I had no clue how I would afford it. I had a successful fundraiser on Facebook that was the majority of the money. That fundraiser and the people that donated was the most humbling and gracious experience in my life. The people that donated were people I’ve known as far back as elementary school were so generous and supportive. I still get tearful thinking about it. I owe them a world of thanks.

I was able to secure 3 grants and the remainder will be financed. My handicap van update I’m so excited and my quest is now officially over. I’m not sure when I will get my van yet because the grant checks need to be received but the van is mine officially.

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