My handicap van is coming

My handicap van is coming

I got a call from the finance manager yesterday going over a couple of details and she said they were delivering the van this Wednesday, like the day after today. WHAT??? They haven’t received any payments from my grants and we aren’t planning on laying that money out. “They leave it on their accounts receivable side, it’s not a problem”. As wonderful as this is for me, other than the grant from Nova, they didn’t even ask me for me commitment letters. They didn’t even ask for Nova’s, I sent it because they required the dealer to do certain things. THAT’S CRAZY!!! Talk about an honor system.

Since my car is still in a lease and we haven’t even brought it back to the dealership, I am putting off delivery until next week. I also have to switch my permanent handicap spot at my condo for the one van handicap spot that another resident has. They don’t have a van just the spot. We are just swapping reserved spaces. I’m also happy to say by law they can’t revoke my spot anymore as per the Americans with Disabilities Act. The board President met with them and anyone on oxygen or in a wheelchair it is mandatory that they receive a reserved spot if it is a reasonable request. My van qualifies me for the reasonable request.

So next week I will have my handicap van and possibly my car too lol ?. I’m very excited and relieved this journey is almost over. It was a tough one and I learned a lot. I will hopefully put together all my research and resources to create a pdf for other people searching for a van. I now have to learn to drive a minivan ?.

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