Ouch a painful fall and a possible concussion

Ouch a painful fall and a possible concussion

I fell on Friday and slammed my head into one of my hangings on my lower cabinets. I was stunned for a few seconds when it happened. Everyone said “where was your aid?” She was right in front of me but it is difficult to catch someone when they are falling and she wasn’t close enough anyway. Technically she isn’t even supposed to catch me as per her agency. That part I can’t understand but she does anyway.

My head hurt but there was no bleeding. I wasn’t having any double vision or dizzy spells. Most importantly I wasn’t vomiting so I didn’t go to the hospital. I was bruised in that area that’s for sure. I did have a headache the next day, the day after and today. My mom said you might have a concussion and I probably have a mild one but there isn’t much to do about it.

Made me think back to when I had that nasty fall and hit my head onto the concrete of the driveway. I was very dazed after that fall. Thought for sure I did something bad. I was told after hours in the ER I was fine possible mild concussion. That was a jarring fall and even then it was a possible concussion. I talk to my physical therapist this morning who said the same thing. Not much to do if you have a concussion but take it easy, rest the brain. However since my headache seem to be from the back of my head around the bruise, unlike my migraines which are in the front on my head, she thinks that I also might have a possible concussion. Again nothing to do but rest.

If I was vomiting or having any vision issues I was told to go to the ER immediately. I have my med alert bracelet on at all times. Another unfortunate accident. Can’t even say how or why I fell. This is one of the dangers of me with MS. My falls. My aid brings a lot of relief to my family to know I’m not alone.

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