How do I feel after Rituxan?

How do I feel after Rituxan?

I had my full dose of Rituxan Friday evening. The weekend was fair. Yesterday, which was Sunday, I didn’t feel well but I think that was more steroid related. Today I woke up and I felt better. I find I fizzle faster. I have gone into bed before 9 both nights and slept well. Even waking up to use the bathroom has been minimal. I have worked out each day refusing to give in to the fatigue but I do so first thing in the morning knowing I need recover and rest. I’ve cancelled most of my weeks plans in anticipation of feeling tired and run down as I did on Ocrevus.

If I compare the two, so far I’d say I feel more like myself after the Rituxan infusion. I remember feeling so run down for a few weeks after Ocrevus. I did have bad leg spasms yesterday when I was getting up out of my chair. I also had a fall in my bathroom that I guess I should mention. Not that either of these are necessarily because of the infusion, since both can happen anyway, yet my body was tired and that’s why it happened. My assessment is basically I feel run down a little but not as bad as it was with Ocrevus. Hopefully it just gets better from here. This wasn’t my first time taking Rituxan but it was my first time doing a full dose.

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