Short Rituxan post infusion

Short Rituxan post infusion

I had my infusion Friday and today is Tuesday. I woke up not feeling well. I have a bad headache. My body just feels heavy. I am so thankful I had nothing on my schedule because the thought of going out is overwhelming. I’m even taking today as one of my exercise off days because I just can’t. This is the feeling I was concerned with post infusion. Yesterday I felt pretty good although I got very tired very easily. It gave me hope that this time, with Rituxan, I won’t feel like I do today. I am going to stay on my positive thinking path that it is one day and I have the whole day to rest. I’m grateful this is once every six months. I’m grateful that there are so many treatments available for multiple sclerosis and more being developed. Mostly I’m grateful I’m not giving myself shots every other day having flu like symptoms and going to work. There is always a positive side.

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  1. Good morning girls and congratulations for the successful treatment. Yes, we take for granted the little big luxuries of life like going to work without suffering intolerable pain and be productive. Your positive attitude in the face of so many hurdles is instructive, to say the least. A big kiss. Arrivederci!

    1. Good morning to you and thank you. I don’t work anymore but I use to go to work many days feeling horrible from some of those other medicines. It is such a blessing I’m able to have the ability to rest as needed. I’m am so grateful for that. Have a wonderful day.

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