Gastroenterologist visit

Gastroenterologist visit

I have to say this was a really nice office. The whole staff was super nice but the doctor was extremely nice. He spent a lot of time with me discussing the issues with constipation and multiple sclerosis. What a nice man he was. After a lengthy conversation together, the diagnosis was chronic constipation. Nothing shocking there, I knew that as did my referring neurologist. It was what should we do about it that needed an answer.

He asked me to take an X-ray of my abdomen to see how much stuff, for lack of better word, was still in my colon. I was able to get that done right after my appointment. Second he wanted me to clean out my system. I had to take Magnesium Citrate that is used before a colonoscopy to clean your colon out. The reason why is because he prescribed a medicine but was concerned it might not work because of the “stuff” still in the way.

If you’ve never done a colonoscopy, let me warm you, this stuff is awful. It’s like drinking liquid artificial sweetarts with slight bubbles. I’m nauseous from the bottle I drank. This will clean me out which means for me possible accidents because, for me, to loose no control of the muscles=problem. Not much I can do.

The prescription he gave me is Linzess

This comes in 3 strengths and he has started me on the middle strength. He feels that based on my history of 3-4 laxatives that don’t always work, I need the strongest strength. I was nervous to start too high and have the other unfavorable problem so we went for the middle. This is taken daily hoping to improve my bowel movements to 3 times a week. I see him in 3 weeks for a follow up.

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