Twitching the night away

Twitching the night away

Old Mc Jamie had a twitch eieio with a twitch twitch here and a twitch twitch there here a twitch there a twitch everywhere a twitch twitch Old Mc Jamie has a twitch eieio.

It made for a rough night of sleep. It was one of those nights where my medicine just didn’t help through the night. I twitch which is both annoying and uncomfortable and prevents me from falling asleep. I also have my big toe symptom where it hurts from the smallest thing like the blanket touching it causing more spasms and twitches. Not my best evening.

Now I’m tired with a headache. Luckily I don’t have much going on today. I plan on hitting the gym at some point. That’s about it. I’d say I’ll nap but I know I won’t. I rather go into bed early than nap. I try not to nap during the day because it helps me sleep better at night. I wake up from naps groggy and feeling just as tired, they usually don’t help. I’ve learned this about my body. I’m slightly cranky which isn’t so wonderful but hopefully I don’t take it out on anyone. It’s just another day. ?

4 thoughts on “Twitching the night away

  1. My leg twitches a lot, but when it occurs when I am trying to sleep I take a long toke on a vape pen which has medical MJ that contains a high THC content. It gets be very stoned and very sleepy. It also kills the twitching

  2. Twitching, glad to see you posting on this. I too get these crazy twitches from to time to time in my arms as I am trying to go to sleep. So annoying and there is no controlling them! Definitely related to my MS and I assume yours as well.

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