Summer heat hibernation and my own multiple sclerosis realization

Summer heat hibernation and my own multiple sclerosis realization

The quarantine is starting to lift yet this is the weather I start my hibernation. It’s starting to warm up and that means trouble for me and multiple sclerosis. Not just me, many of us.

Between 60% and 80% of people with MS find that heat can cause their symptoms to worsen. This might involve a build up of fatigue, blurred vision, loss of balance or a worsening of cognitive symptoms such as concentration or memory.

I missed all my good months to be out and about enjoying the weather. Ok I might not have been out and about but I do enjoy the changing of the weather when spring comes. Somehow that all flew by and summer is her in like 10 days. Heat and humidity are my enemies. I’ve already had the air conditioner running in my house. Maybe this is why I like the smush face dog breeds? They dislike the heat as well. I use to leave the air on for my dogs when I went to work everyday. I could never risk the house getting to warm for the dogs.

I do like the increased activity on the water. I love watching the boats and jet skis. I can see them in so many different directions. Eventually the hotel will be built on the corner, but I will always have a view, I just need to look in a different direction.

I think this is my favorite part of the summer. I get to watch it from my home in comfort. I no longer feel the need to go outdoors and overdo it just to say I did something. I’m ok staying home. Probably more so after this coronavirus pandemic. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore. Things are difficult for me and that is the bottom line. I am done trying to make excuses why I can’t participate in an activity. I also do not want to overdo anything in the summer months just to say yes. In the heat I can take days to recover.

No, I’m not becoming a hermit locked away in my home. I just realized that I’m done doing things for the sake of doing them. I’m 48 years old, who am I trying to impress? Truth is my MS isn’t good. Summer months or winter, I probably should be looking into having an aid for a longer amount of time. I shouldn’t be doing things outside my house without assistance and supervision anymore regardless what season. This is something I need to once again accept before I can adapt and move forward. I didn’t realize this was where I was going with this blog so I’m a little shocked myself. I guess I need to pay attention to what I’ve already known. I need more aid hours.

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  1. MS doesn’t hold back it’s punches, the warmer days will be dangerous territory for me also, luckily pugzilla also hates getting overheated. Stay safe.

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