Purging out the dresser

Purging out the dresser

I slept in today, didn’t get out of bed until 9am. It’s 11:15 and I just finished an hour of exercise. I’m drinking my first sip of coffee. I had a good weekend. I watched the entire season 4 of the Handmaids Tale. I am still processing my thoughts on that one. I also took my daughter to the train really early Sunday morning. She went to visit her boyfriend who is moving to Maine. NY to Portland, Maine is about 6 hours without any traffic. My personal feeling is that my daughter will be there by the end of the year. I’m not ever going to be driving to Maine. My daughter is going to start her life in another state. I’m happy for her. It’s what you want for your children. Give them the wings to fly. I’m just going to miss her because traveling for me isn’t so easy anymore.

On to a different note, one that isn’t so sad, I have once again been cleaning and throwing things away. As my cousin taught me, “thank you for your service“, as the item is put in a garbage bag. Today I’m doing my dresser draws. I’m getting rid of all the old t-shirts I use to wear to bed every night. Some of them are easily 20 years old. I don’t wear them to bed anymore. I either sleep in what I’m wearing or put on a nightshirt. Sometimes I am too tired to even change. It’s time to clean the draw out.

After that it is my tank tops. I haven’t worn a tank top in 3 years. I have a draw filled with them in every conceivable color. Plus these are all tight tanks you wear under something else. Please I need a few black and white if that. Emmy style of clothing has changed due to weight gain and energy to get dressed. I’m exhausted most days so if I’m in a T-shirt and pants, that’s a plus. My days of dressing up are over. I am not wearing anything sheer that requires a tank top underneath.

I know my closet needs some attention as well but I’m Not ready to part with some of the items I know I’ll never wear again. Maybe I’m hoping they’ll fit again or maybe I’m hoping I could dress better one day. I don’t know. I can’t imagine shopping in a store for new items because trying clothes on is completely exhausting. I keep what I have because I can’t imagine trying to buy it again. I’m fortunate to have plenty of room in my closet to keep all the clothes I have neatly hung up. I even had room if I add more. For now my closet stays as is.

I think it’s time to begin my cleaning task. I’ve been busy even as I’ve written this blog and it’s already past 12:00. My energy will be starting its decline very soon. Hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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