My goals will be reached

My goals will be reached

I had a good week. I shared my video of me walking in Wednesday. I walked even more during my PT session on Wednesday afternoon. I guess it wasn’t a video fluke of a good MS day. I am actually strong enough to take those few steps. I still can’t get up from my comfy chair but I certainly have hope. I even hit another milestone this week. I had my hair straighten. I had to sit up in my wheelchair for about 3 hours. I was able to do it like a champ. That was a big deal because now I realize I can rejoin my friends at game day. Currently PT is scheduled at the same time as game day but I only have a few more PT days left. I will start OT but I can change the time so they don’t coincide. I can start living my life again. Unfortunately, mahjong, my favorite day, I still don’t think I can participate. That requires a lot of forward and backwards movements as you pick and throw tiles. I use to easily fatigue before any of this atrophy happened. It is just a matter of building up the core again.

I decided that now I can challenge myself a little more. My first thing is to try to use my legs to get on my bed. I was raising my wheelchair so my legs didn’t give out. I’ve been lowering the wheelchair as much as I could every time I got back into bed. Now I’m trying to get out of the chair without raising the wheelchair at all. It isn’t going well but I have the chair lower than I did weeks ago. I know that when I can get into my bed without raising the wheelchair, I’ll be able to get up from my comfy chair. That is my immediate goal for the next weeks. I really feel that I can get there. The ability to walk just invigorated my spirt.

I have my next steps are already in my head as soon as I master getting up and down from my comfy chair. I decided to focus on one goal at a time. My comfy chair is still my immediate goal. The next things will be possible after that. I had a good week. I was so surprised to be able to take those steps. Everyone was surprised seeing me take those steps. That’s what made it so amazing. It wasn’t just my celebration. It has been a long road.

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