Welcome to my Online Therapy Group

Welcome to my Online Therapy Group

I have a question for my multiple sclerosis readers, how often do you come across other MSers on the same path as you? I have met many people with similar symptoms. I talk to many who were even diagnosed somewhat similarly. I don’t speak to many who have had the same progression path as me. There are always the similarities in the symptoms we face at certain points. The symptoms of MS are somewhat common as the disease progresses, at least I think. I’m talking about from diagnosis to disability. The rate, severity and the actual symptoms. That’s why MS is called the snowflake disease. No two cases are alike.

I was having this conversation with my sister the other day. It is hard to find someone in the same boat as you. Going through what you are going through. I joined the MS support groups as soon as I stopped working. I made friends with some lovely people. There were people more disabled than me. There were people significantly less. Over the few years I went I found out two things. First, it was more of an information MS group, not supportive. Second, I felt like the only person that continued to get significantly worse. I am not saying that they didn’t have difficulty. They certainly do. They certainly had challenges dealing with their symptoms. The symptoms as well as ages seem to run the entire board. I just always was upgrading my walking accommodations and people around me weren’t. I just felt like life activities were becoming harder for me while everyone else was more status quo.

I found people more similar to me and my path through my blog. It why my blog is my therapist and support group. It was meeting other MS bloggers and interacting with other MSers that brought me the feeling of understanding. I’m so grateful for all of you who have committed, read and supported me over the last 6 years. I still write like I’m writing for millions of people to read. In truth I’m writing to get my feelings out hoping someone understands. So welcome to my online support group. I know I pick the topics but I couldn’t keep writing without your support.

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    1. I just said to my mother how I was debating about my blog today and this wonderful person wrote me, meaning you. So know that you’re a comments today made me so happy I have my blog. You really made me feel so great today and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. You are more than welcome to email me anytime you want and have a new BFF in this cyberspace world

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