Ugh Multiple Sclerosis

Ugh Multiple Sclerosis

I’ve dealt with multiple sclerosis for 24 years yet I can still be surprised by its symptoms. You’d think I wouldn’t be shocked anymore. I had to spend most of my afternoon in my comfy chair. The exterminator was coming back, to treat my room, for the third time. It seems that the guy who boasted about his 12 year experience with bedbug, still missed the bedbugs alive in my room. He reported seeing nothing after I told him specifically where they were. I was thankful that this third guy said I gave a perfect description and was 100% right. There was a reason I was getting bites. I wasn’t crazy.

I am going off the point of my story. I didn’t have a tough MS day. After a good morning workout, I made phone calls. I actually got in touch with a girlfriend that I had a fight with almost 10 years ago. I’ve tried many times over the years to contact her but I was blocked from all of her social media platforms. I actually spent $5 on one of those websites to get her phone number. I even blocked my number before I called thinking I was probably blocked on her phone too. She answered and didn’t hang up. We talked for 2 hours. I missed her. I hope she will contact me again but that only time will tell. The point to this was I felt really good. I was in a happy mood all afternoon. I actually got a few other doctor appointments set up. I was rocking yesterday afternoon. By the time the exterminator came I was in good shape. I was happy to be in my comfy chair.

My comfy chair was always the place I came to when I needed to recover. I would immediately sit here after my workouts in the wheelchair. I would always come here as soon as I came up from being at game day or mahjong. This chair was the place I sat when I was crippled sitting in my wheelchair too long. I don’t know what has changed since the hospital. Now I sit in the chair and I get tired like the wheelchair. I didn’t do much physically yesterday but when it was time for me to get up, I couldn’t. Not even with my aide being right next to me helping. WHY!!!! What has changed so drastically that this chair makes me so tired I can’t get up. It’s so frustrating. I thought after I hit the goal of getting out of the chair, finally, I was stronger.!!!! I ended up continuing to sit for an additional hour and tried again. This time my aide literally picked me up, but I stood up. I finally was able to get back into my bed. I don’t get it.

Once again baffled by my MS symptoms. I think I’m at this stage of disability one day the next day I’m not. Hard to accept what is happening to you when it changes daily. What a disease. So much fun. I just wish the medication that I take every day could at least offer some sense of reprieve from the life. Unfortunately MS doesn’t use those types of drugs to manage symptoms. I’m left dealing with each day head on.

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  1. Often, stress, even when events don’t seem to be stressful, can drain you, and, then your body reacts. If I do too much, even pleasant things, I have to rest. Or my legs don’t work. Take care!!

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