Phantom Feelings

Phantom Feelings

I always have a feeling that my legs are in a different position. I’m always in bed with my legs straight.

I can’t move them on my own. The only way they would be in a different position is if someone put them there. Even then, chances are they wouldn’t stay that way. I mean the position with my knees up.

Yet I always have the feeling that my legs are in this position, especially if I am under my blanket. I know they are straight, I know I can’t move them, but I have this sensation of being bent ALL THE TIME. It is so bizarre. Once in a while I will feel like one leg is up and the other is off to the side.

It makes no sense. I at least can’t explain why it happens. I just know it happens ALL THE TIME. I mean like daily.

I also have different areas on my body that if I scratch, I will have a funny sensation on a completely different part of my body. Like I’ll rub the palm of my left hand and I’ll feel it on my bicep. I have an itch on my right leg that causes shock like sensations in my lower back. I rub my right pinky and my shoulder feels the tingle. These weird sensation don’t happen daily. They don’t even happen the same way every time. One week it will be my right hand next time it’s my right leg. These bizarre sensations have been going on forever. They can last a day, week or even just a few hours. I’ve learned to chalk it up to yet another MS symptom that makes no sense. What else can you say.

Thankfully neither of these bizarre things really affect my life. Just figured I’d share some of the strange stuff that comes with this disease. Do you have any of this?

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  1. I do as well! I often feel that my legs are crossed when sitting on the couch with my legs on the coffee table as well as when I am in bed. I’m always surprised to find out they are not or that they are crossed and I did not know it? When my MS doctor tests the reflex just below my knee my whole body jumps and reacts. I always thought this was normal? My doctor says it is not and happens due to my MS. Go figure?

    1. If I stub my toe my whole body will become almost paralyzed for a few seconds until the initial pain subsides. I could see how your body would jump with the reflex tap. Thanks Dix.

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