Second Ocrevus infusion

Second Ocrevus infusion

Leaving behind all the BS that got me to the second infusion, let me finally talk about the infusion itself. Unfortunately it wasn’t the full dose of 600 mg. This specialty pharmacy ordered 300 mg so in two weeks I’ll be back again to take the other half. This is the way you would start Ocrevus. The second infusion was supposed to be a full dose. However, the infusion is basically the same.

After they find a good vein for the IV, you’re ready to rock. My problem is finding that vein. Due to the excessive use of steroids for 20 some odd years, my veins have a habit of rolling, collapsing or shrinking so it can be difficult to find a vein for an IV. Luckily it only took twice. First we started with a steroids drip. Thank God it was only 250 mg and not 1000 mg. However let’s be real, 250 mg of steroids through an IV is no joke. When you have a steroid pack because you’re sick the highest you start at is 100 mg. Not to mention that’s an oral drug. The steroid drip takes roughly half an hour.

The Benadryl is what really can get me. I’ve had it via pill, IV drip and as a push through the IV line. The only one I didn’t have a reaction to was the pill. I would say the drip came in second because it was slow but still like a morphing drip. The push through the IV line was shocking. I’ve learned to tell him to take it slow which helps. Watch though if they flush the line because all the Benadryl still remaining in there goes shooting into your blood. For me it goes right to my heart and lungs. It almost seizes where I can’t breathe for a second. I cough and a few seconds later I’m fine. If you’re not expecting it it’s scary. It also can make you a little dizzy and eventually you’ll be very tired. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced when it comes directly into your blood from a push in an IV line or drip so don’t expect it to be like Benadryl you take at home.

The medicine itself is easy. They usually do step drip where they start off slow and increase every half an hour so it goes in slow to start and builds up. I can’t say that no one will have adverse reactions because that’s why you do it in somebody’s office, but I personally only had a very very minor reaction. My ears would itch Like they do when my allergies act up. The very first time I had Rituxan it happen and they did have to stop and give me a little more Benadryl and start again. With Ocrevus it was so light I paid it no mind. The total drip for this lasted about 2 1/2 hours.

This morning I woke up with a headache. That’s not saying anything because it’s a rainy snowy day in NY so it could be weather related. I’m also prone to migraines so it could just be that. Truthfully the biggest side effect I had last time and with Rituxan was the steroids. That I probably won’t feel until maybe tomorrow if at all.

That’s all there is to it. Any questions feel free to ask.

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