Combo pill offered for high dose biotin and alpha lipoic acid

Combo pill offered for high dose biotin and alpha lipoic acid

I was informed by my friend that my pharmacy now makes a combination pill. It’s the same three pills a day, but it now has in addition to the hundred milligrams of biotin, 400 mg of the Alpha lipoic acid. You can click on the pill bottle on my webpage or you or you can click on the link I provided below.

Alpha lipoic acid has been studied to help in secondary progressive MS.

Studies in animal models of MS have shown that lipoic acid may alter the behaviour of certain immune cells, preventing them from entering the central nervous system. If correct, this could stop the immune cells from attacking and damaging myelin.

Research has also suggested that lipoic acid could also help to protect nerves from damage (neuroprotection).

If you read my article yesterday about biotin, how was pulled from the European market for application, you may be thinking why am I writing about biotin. There’s still a little confusion as to what was pulled and what is still in clinical trial. Something for biotin is still in clinical trial in the same dosage amount. I see my doctor on April 3 and I will get clarification on this.

In the meantime, I and many other people I know who are taking the high dose biotin, really believe it makes a difference even if it’s a slight difference. I’ve stated back in old posts that I’ve had an increase of my walking abilities of seven seconds. No, my seven second walking faster means nothing to me in the scheme of things but it is significant in the MS world of doctors. To increase walking ability seven seconds is a huge jump. That is a significant change. Many of my friends have felt it for neuropathy. It helps him with the pain. Some of my friends just insist they handle the heat better. I honestly believe it makes a difference. That is why I am still writing about it despite the article yesterday.

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    I just started on the supplements. They burn my esophagus and stomach. Do you have any tips about what to eat or drink with them?
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