Another day, another battle

Another day, another battle

Tough morning so far, and I’ve only been up for an hour. You ever have one of those mornings where everything seems to happen all at once? I know, everyone has them. I got a lot done it in a very short time. I got a letter from state financial aid, for my daughter, that I wasn’t approved. I had to call and it turns out I have to submit a revisal because I’m on disability. Great!!! I just need to get letter from doctor, notes showing my permanent disability as well as copies of all my taxes and W-2s. Good thing my shit is in order. I had to call my doctor first thing this morning to get the letter. He’s written so many letters for me but he never had a letter on the permanent disability because that was a form we filled out. They don’t need a form they need the letter. It never ends.

My insurance company also denied my OT therapy. I already went twice this week, don’t know how that’s going to get paid. Right now I haven’t heard to see if it’s got reversed and if I’m OK to go again next week. If I can’t go next week I’m going to have to go back into my maintenance physical therapy until Medicare kicks in in July. I would actually call my insurance company I just do not have the patience for them today. Even the people at the at the therapy place couldn’t believe they denied. How do you deny a MS patient with all these problems in their hands and arms therapy? So ridiculous.

I love my for babies but they haven’t been very helpful to me this morning. They both went to the bathroom in the wrong spot, again. Had to get on my knees to clean it up and once again I’m crawling to find something to help me stand up again. My poor knees. I really think I need to have a couple of pair of kneepads throughout my house. The problem is it would cost so much energy to put them on I don’t know if it’s gonna be worth it or if it actually do it.

Well all this, and I’ve been up for an hour. I’ve had only one sip of my coffee. However, it’s a beautiful day here. I swam yesterday for 30 laps which was so exciting. My MS trainer comes today for the pool and I can’t wait to show her how well I’m swimming. I might even go down early to get some laps in before she comes. Happy Friday everybody have a great weekend.

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  1. I got up, took a shower, ate breakfast, went on a scavenger hunt for my mother’s classes, put laundry in the washer and I feel like I just ran a marathon. I really hate this fatigue! It is so annoying and frustrating!

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