The sounds of an MRI

The sounds of an MRI

In having MRIs for 20 years, you get used to hearing the sounds. To me, they are extremely meditative. I end up making words to the beats of the sounds and go into the deepest meditations I’ve ever had. I’ve had several of my biggest epiphanies in MRIs. Each section they do, has this specific to droning sound. I find the more I concentrated on words to the sounds the more relaxed I become.

I know this probably sounds weird. You’re in this too snug, can’t move anywhere tube and I’m meditating. I look forward to them in a weird way. I’ve been in MRIs that offer music, and I turn it down. I want to be in that state, see what comes to me. It was an MRI that I decided to change careers to become a bookkeeper that put me it’s my nursing home job for 13 years. It was an MRI that made me realize I do not need to be with this certain guy and I ended it with him. it was an MRI that really made my decision to not let MS get the best of me way back in the beginning and i didn’t even realize I was meditating. I never walked into the MRIs thinking this is what I should do, these ideas appeared to me when I was in a meditation. I just go into such a deep trance, my mind opens up to possibilities and solutions, things I wasn’t thinking of. I find the noise hypnotizing. That’s the best word I could use.

This morning I have an MRI. I am relieved that it’s just the brain and cervical spine with no contrast. When I do both, it is a very long MRI, and even though I love it I do get a little antsy when I’m in there for an hour and a half. Today should run about 45 minutes tops. That’s an excellent time allowance to have a trance like meditation. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write you about something I’ve discovered. If not it’s Sunday, you’ll get a song from one of my favorite movies Miss Congeniality.

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  1. So glad to read your post. I have had quite a few mris recently, though not as many as you. I too find the noise fascinating and not at all disturbing. I take a diazepam before to help me keep still. Next time I am going to try to meditate like you. You are so inspiring!

  2. I have gotten to the point where I can actually fall asleep in the tube. After all, what else is there to do when you stuck in the thing for almost 90 minutes. Thank God for ear plugs though

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