Unfortunately I have MS

Unfortunately I have MS

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “feel better soon” when they see me walking. People see that I’m young and assume I just hurt myself or had some sort of surgery. It’s hard for them to imagine that this is how it is everyday. Unfortunately, I have MS, there is no feeling better soon.

I’ve felt good, at least relative to how good I could feel with my disease. I attribute it to my DoTerra vitamins pack for sure and my swimming. Let me say something about DoTerra vitamin packs, I’ll have another post on this by itself, but my energy and my recovery has completely changed since I started this pack vitamins. It is a non-negotiable and you should really check this out on my DoTerra page. I can even save you more money by contacting me. This is one thing I will never stop. I personally feel everyone should be taking this. I sleep better and I stay awake during the day. It has really made a difference I can feel. AM I CURED? Of course not, it’s vitamins and my disease has no cure but it’s helped.

Swimming also has made a huge difference. I can workout without hurting my muscles and joints. I do well in the water but I never knew I could swim. I remember when I started i couldn’t even swim the width of the pool. I couldn’t make the strokes. Now I’m doing 50 laps on the length. It’s helped straighten out my body and we are going to try to get me to walk with crutch/canes in physical therapy.

All these wonderful things and I’ve been feeling really good, in the relative term. Then MS reminds me I’m still here. I woke up this morning and my arms feel like I worked out with 40 pound weights yesterday. They are just so heavy and it’s hard for me to move. Anybody with MS has had this feeling at least once. I was picking something up and lost balance and slid down to the floor. It took me a long time to stand up because my arms lacked the strength to push me up. I’m fortunate because I’m able to change my days activities and stay home to rest. I’m very grateful for that flexibility in my schedule. Today is just a reminder that unfortunately, I have MS.

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