A better MS day

A better MS day

Well some of the fatigue in my arms has lifted, thankfully. I slept for 11 hours last night. Considering most days I sleep about 8-9 hours, I’m not usually lacking in the sleep department. I guess I still needed it. I probably could have slept longer but the phone rang.

I had the worst spasm in my leg yesterday. It took a few minutes for the muscles to relax so I could get my leg to lower back down. It hurt too. I don’t have pain normally with my MS except when I have severe spasticity in my back. When all my tendons feel like they are wrapped up like spaghetti on a fork and I can’t get any relief, that can get painful but it was nothing like yesterday’s spasm. Just thinking about the pain can almost cause another spasm, if you know what I mean. I feel terrible for all those who suffer from chronic pain from ANY disease. That to me is unbearable.

I am going to make my way down to my pool soon. I don’t know if I’ll complete 50 laps but I’d like to just get my body moving a little. Get my blood flowing without fatiguing myself. Then i making my favorite vegan soup. https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/09/03/forks-over-knives-vegan-corn-chowder/

Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday.

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