Steroids day 2 tips to not gain weight

Steroids day 2 tips to not gain weight

The infusion was slightly painful last night. Painful in the vein not the site of the stint. It made for an uncomfortable hour. That doesn’t make me happy going into tonight. However I have one more infusion to go. No matter how much it hurts I will get it done. Hopefully the vein doesn’t collapse because that would suck.

I slept much better yesterday although I was up every two hours to use the bathroom. There is a tricks to steroids I learned long ago…

Drink lots of water!!!

Flush that out of your system. So if I am going to the bathroom every few hours, that’s a good thing. I have perscription water pills for other issues but I use to buy over the counter water pills when I took steroids. It helps a lot with the weight gain.

Watch your sodium intake!!!

Steroids can cause weight gain, watch your salt intake. It will cause you to retain those fluids. I eat nothing with salt before, during or for some days after steroid infusions.

Don’t give into the craving of foods!!!

Steroids can make you hungry so have healthy things to eat around. Have things you can munch on that aren’t high in fat and calories that if you eat you aren’t paying for the next day on the scale. I had times when I’d gain 16 pounds over a 4 day steroid infusion. I’d give in to all my cravings out of disgust making the weight gain worse. Plus it doesn’t come off as quick as it would go on. It would sometimes take me months to get it off. I learned to keep carrots, cooked healthy meals, and other low calorie snacks stocked so if I ate it wasn’t a disaster.


I try to exercise as much as I can during a steroid infusion. I know during the withdrawal I might not feel well enough but I like to keep myself moving. It helps the mind and spirit.

Get out of your head!!!

Steroids can affect your mood. It is hard to remember this sometimes. A few day AFTER your done you might become depressed, anxious or irritable. It is important to remember this is probably steroid related. My mother’s famous line to me after every steroid infusion is you need to change your attitude so you can start to feel better. I always go into a dark space. As soon as I change my head space I start to feel better. Great time to meditate, go outdoors, be with friends and loved ones. Do something for you.

I hope this helps you when and if you do a round a steroids. Just remember this to shall pass.

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