Stomach issues cancelled my day

Stomach issues cancelled my day

My plans for today got ruined thanks to stomach issues. Since I can’t always control the backend chute I couldn’t risk having an accident outside my home. I was supposed to have mahjong today and I’m so bummed I had to cancel. I love playing and look forward to it each week. This would have been very welcome on a Monday replacing physical therapy. I have no problems skipping that.

I started today with an “accident”. Right when my aid got here. At least I stopped crying every time it happens. I use to. Out of all my symptoms this is one of the most difficult for me to mentally deal with. I know it isn’t my fault. I know it is the disease, but I’m 47 years old. 47 and I can’t get to the bathroom sometimes and shit myself. Horrible symptom. Unfair!!! I deal with enough shit, I have to deal with this one too.

Well now I’ll be home for the day in just In case mode waiting for my stomach to settle. Good thing I like being home because otherwise this would suck. My puppies are happy and they always make me happy. So I’m going to hope my day isn’t filled with anymore “accidents” and just enjoy the down time.

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