Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I went out yesterday for the first time this week. I went to mahjong. I almost canceled and I’m so glad I didn’t because as always it was so fun. I did have a tough day and at times I thought I was going to completely collapse over the table. I just couldn’t hold myself up but then the strangest thing happened. About 30 minutes before the game ended I felt better. Like I could sit up straight without falling over. It was so weird. You usually don’t get better with MS. I personally can’t remember experiencing that one. I struggled for easily 2 hours playing yesterday and then all of a sudden I could hold myself upright. I was tired, don’t get me wrong, but I just felt so much better. So bizarre!!!

I came home and was completely wiped out which isn’t totally unusual after mahjong. I collapsed in my big comfy chair and stayed there for at least an hour before I tried to move again. I was in bed by 8 and asleep by 9. Unfortunately I am still fighting with this fatigue and I haven’t been able to shake it but I’m thankful I got out to do something fun.

Today I’m spending the afternoon with my adopted family from my ex boyfriend. Don’t speak to him but I love his family. They are coming to swim in my pool. Tomorrow my cousin is coming to visit. I’m super excited to see her it has been way too long. Yet as much as I love all my family, my daughter is coming back home today for the extended weekend. I can’t wait to kiss her beautiful face. I’m geared up for lots of love ❤️. Have a great weekend

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