Yet another strange MS symptom

Yet another strange MS symptom

Ok another strange and embarrassing symptom of my MS occurs for no rhyme or reason and has to do with my breasts. Specially my nipples on those breast. I go through periods where they get and stay hard for days. Sometimes it could be to the point of painful. Erect nipples is not a comfortable thing for a long duration. I apologize to any men that are uncomfortable reading this and if it turns you on, all the more power to you.

The main reason I actually noticed this symptom lately is because I have NOT had it in the last few weeks. I feel like I deal with it all the time so I notice the times when they are actually normal. God bless the sports bra that smushes them back in because it could be quite embarrassing having the brights flashing all day.

Yet another one of my abnormal MS symptoms and my nerves misfiring. Sometimes you have to laugh at MS because it definitely has a sense of humor when it comes to figuring out new symptom to embarrass a patient. MS 107 Jamie 0

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