A really bad night

A really bad night

It was one of those MS nights you’d like to forget about if you could. I didn’t even get warnings this time like a stomach cramp or something. I just felt like I might need the bathroom so I got up. I walked about three steps before the accident happened. As my mom says better out then in. The problem was I was alone and already exhausted so this certainly didn’t help. I showered, cleaned and changed and was just going to get into my bed. It was only 6:30 but I had nothing left. I couldn’t get in my bed. I just didn’t have the strength to pull myself up even in a seated position to my beds height to get on. I tried a few times but after ending up on the floor I knew that wasn’t going to work. I went back to the wheelchair and after some time got back into it. I came back to my living room and my comfy chair and stayed here until my energy came back. I was able to get into bed at 8:30. Tough night.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this… I hope it makes you feel a little bit less alone… I find it important to hear what other people’s often hidden moments look and feel like. I dream of places where people can share housing, each having their own private space, yet being surrounded by others very nearby who can help out in whatever ways they choose. Perhaps by sharing meals, or by simply being available to pick someone else up off the floor (literally or symbolically!) in the middle of the day or night when it’s most needed. Presence and caring… simple human mutual support.

    1. That sounds like a lovely place to dream about. It was a humbling experience but has happened on numerous occasions. I share for the others out there to know they aren’t alone as well.

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