I showered, I’m exhausted

I showered, I’m exhausted

What can I say. I’ve been like a lump on a couch. I showered today, go me!! I’m exhausted ?. I was exhausted when I woke up. My eyes feel swollen after I slept for almost 12 hours. How much more can one person say about fatigue? I’ve done nothing so I have nothing to blog about. I

can tell you I’m tired of people saying me too. Anyone with multiple sclerosis or chronic illness knows there is a huge difference between fatigue and tired. It is so annoying trying to explain this to people. Maybe it is because I use the word tired in my explanation or I use it too loosely. I don’t normally tell people I can barely lift my arm to pet my dog or that my legs feel like they have cement bricks attached to them. I just don’t talk like that so I loosely say I feel exhausted. Then I get a me too from someone because they slept bad or the had a long day running errands. I had a long day because I took a shower!!!!

I have taken each day one at a time. Yesterday I thought I had a slight improvement because the extreme fatigue didn’t set in until around 4. That is better than 2. Yet by last night I didn’t even have enough energy to get into bed and that was a huge struggle. Today I felt exhausted from the second I woke up. I took my Provigil and I’m crossing my fingers for a little relief. In the meantime the couch potato ? is once again staying put for the day.

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