The Routine

The Routine

I’m sure I’ve blogged about this at some point because I don’t do well with disruptions. The days of spontaneous activities have long been gone. I could never just meet someone for dinner at short notice. My life, or I should say my activities, are planned both mentally and physically. Everything I do requires a tremendous amount of effort. Everyday is different as to which activity will put me over the edge. The activity might be the same and the effort might be significant but I might be able to handle some better certain days. None of them are ever easy. That is why being home is the easiest place for me. When I’m home I have my routine. I know this routine the best as far as my workouts, shower and morning ritual and how my body responds.

When I first wake up, I always play with my dogs in the bed. That’s my favorite thing in the AM. However, I usually have to use the bathroom and the beginning of energy and effort starts. My legs are like dead weigh in the morning so I have to shimmy myself to get them off of the bed. Usually this works and i pull myself up into the seated position before I stand. Getting out of bed is a difficult task so if I spent the night in the bathroom, chances are I’m exhausted from this task already.

My dogs have places to go inside my condo. One in my room a d one on the balcony. I open the bedroom door so they can go to the balcony. They like to use both places. I clean up after them. Then it’s back to me. I get dressed, brush my hair and teeth. Put my clothes in the laundry and close my bedroom door for the day. I can’t have the dogs in a room I can’t see. I learned that the hard way.

Next I feed the dogs and set up my big jug of ice water for the day. Then I do my workout. Depending on the program I’m doing this could be anywhere from 30-60 minutes. When I’m done I get my coffee and I sit and recover. My workouts are always my priority and depending on if I have something going on that day would I possibly vary them. I never do less than 30 minutes. They take priority to any dinner plan or doctor appointment I have. I plan my workouts based on my day if I need to adjust I will but I never eliminate.

It’s a lot in a very short window but I know how I recover from all this. If I have to be somewhere at 12:00 I know I’d be rested enough to get there. I might tire quickly and that depends on the day but I manage. It’s when the routine gets disrupted that I fatigue incredibly fast.

The work being done in my condo has been tough. I’m up earlier. I’m in my room instead of my comfy chair. I’ve done easier workouts and I am completely fatigued by 2pm or earlier. If I had to go somewhere I honestly don’t know how I would get it done. I am my bed but up and down all day is exhausting. It’s been a very long week. I can’t remember being home and being this tired. I know it will be worth it in the end but I’m ready for the end. I need my routine to go back to normal. It doesn’t make my symptoms better but it helps me deal with the symptoms better.

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  1. Routines are key when dealing with MS. I often get exhausted just planning anything outside of my normal routine.

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