Not a happy New Year

Not a happy New Year

Hello everyone, Happy New Year. I know it seems like I disappeared but unfortunately I had legitimate reasons. I ended up in the hospital last Thursday with Covid and a UTI. It wasn’t really the Covid that put me in the hospital it was the combination of the two infections. I was so weak I was having difficulty sending a text message. I spent New Year’s Eve sleeping in a hospital bed. So much for 2022 being my year. I was supposed to be released on Monday but I was spiking a fever so my discharge date was moved to Tuesday. The main issue is getting my aide back in my house. My agency won’t approve the aide to return until I test negative for the virus or the antibodies. I thought I’d be fine. Then the physical therapist came to see me.

All he asked me to do was stand. I couldn’t. I needed a tremendous amount of help to stand up. My legs had NO strength. I wouldn’t be able to get on or off my bed, transfer to my chair or to the toilet. I couldn’t go home. I really couldn’t go home!!We all know how this works with MS. There is no rhyme or reason. I don’t know how long it will take to get my strength back. I don’t even know if I will be able to fully recover. All the working out I do every day 6 days a week and in 6 days it is completely destroyed. my legs are like jello. I had to now go to a rehab.

I was transferred this evening. I got here at about 5pm. It is now almost 7pm. I was brought a tray of food from the concierge around 6. I haven’t seen another person. I unfortunately had an accident in transit between the hospital and the rehab and I have yet to have anyone help clean me up. Just another reason that I want to break down and cry. I am planning on being out of here by Tuesday. I will be pushing my body to the limit to be able to transfer again. Once I can transfer I am going home. I have never felt more disabled than I have this past week. I feel isolated, alone and disregarded. It has been a terrible beginning to the new year. I miss my dogs. I’m so grateful to my pseudo sister who has been with my puppies since I went to the hospital. I’m glad I am who I am because my determination and will is strong. I know I didn’t lose the muscles I just have to re work them again so I can go home.

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  1. You said it. “I’m glad I am who I am because my determination and will is strong” You have gone through lots of things in like a you will conquer this challenge too. Take care and get well soon!

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