Remaining hopeful it will help the spasticity

Remaining hopeful it will help the spasticity

Inconclusive. My bladder test was inconclusive. They said that the sample contained bacteria in their that couldn’t have come from the urine alone. I was thrilled I got urine in the cup. That was a challenge in itself for someone with multiple sclerosis and bladder issues. I even was able to use the little handy wipe they give you before you give the sample. I was so proud of myself that day. So much for that gold star. Thank goodness I convinced my doctor to prescribe me medication. She wasn’t going to. She wanted to wait for the test results. That would have made me wait, uncomfortably, for 6 days. Then to have an inconclusive test and have to wait again. Can you imagine? At 50 years old, I’ve had enough experience with bladder infections to know, even with my limited feeling in that general area, when something is wrong. There was one point in time I was on an antibiotic preventative medication because I got them so often. The office decided if I am feeling better then I should finish the antibiotics and if symptoms come up again to come back in. Well thank you so much for the advice.

I am feeling better because I know I had some type of bladder infection going on. The first night after i was on antibiotics for 24 hours I slept 7 hours straight. I am back to sleeping withy that feeling of needing to visit the bathroom more often than I really needed to go. . My accidents have also slightly decreased. Great, except I have my Kesimpta shot on Thursday. I really think that is what is causing the bladder infections I might just end up with another one next week. It is time I start taking a probiotic again. I am good with so many vitamins I take but I suck with probiotics. I’ll take it for a few months but then I run out and never reorder. Well I ordered a bottle on Amazon. I can’t keep getting infections so I need to be proactive. Plus Kesimpta is super easy. I do the shot once every 4 weeks and I have no side effects. If Kesimpta is causing the bladder infections, taking a probiotic should be an easy fix.

I’m also now somewhat convinced that the bladder infections is what caused the increased spasticity issues I’ve been having. Everything I’ve read said that when the infection is cleared up the symptoms of the “pseudo” relapse should get better. I’ve been on the antibiotics for 6 days now and the spasticity hasn’t really improved. I have hope that it will. I just find the timing of it all to coincidental to not be connected. It all started around September/October when I started Kesimpta. I just wasn’t paying enough attention in the beginning when I first felt the bladder infections. I am hoping that if I can clear up the infection for good, the spasticity will ease up in my lower legs. It is hard enough dealing with weakness, numbness and spasms add in extreme spasticity and it is nearly impossible.

I can only wait and see. I’m still going now on my own theory. Maybe I just want to believe it is something that can be actually stopped for once. It isn’t a bad thought. When you have had multiple sclerosis for 23 years the idea of hope isn’t something you usually hold onto anymore. The idea that the spasticity issues could be exacerbated by a UTI/bladder infection and could get better, that is hope I’ll gamble on. Physical therapy will start next week as well, that will hopefully help loosen it up. For now I am doing my best but looking for the brightest side.

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  1. You definitely have the right attitude and approach, I’m only one year behind you in my MS diagnosis this January begging my 21st year.
    Any flew, virus, infection… can and will often present us MS’rs with a pseudo exacerbation and increasing spasticity as well. Happy to hear that. you’ve got a handle on it !

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