Rituxan postponement

Rituxan postponement

Today I am getting blood work done. My specialist wants to see a few things. First, my B cell counts. With the hundreds of blood tests I’ve had done in the hospital, that wasn’t done. There was no need to break out the specific white blood cells for a pneumonia. The second thing is my immunoglobulin blood test. I was running very low in the hospital throughout the few months. The pneumonia certainly could be to blame. However, every time they took this test my numbers were way below range. If it is still low, my neurologist will want me to have an IVIG treatment with the infusion.

IVIg is used to reduce the effects of some inflammatory conditions that involve the immune system, also known as autoimmune diseases. It’s also used to increase levels of immunoglobulins if these are low, or have been lowered by treatment with other drugs, such as rituximab.


As much as the blood test are important, my neurologist wants to wait on the infusion. She would prefer to wait another 4-6 weeks. She feels the pneumonia was so much on my body that I really need to recover fully. I don’t disagree. However, I am very nervous about being off MS drugs that long. That is why actually seeing what the B-cell blood count could and will hopefully put my fear at ease. If the number is still low, I know it won’t matter if the infusion is put off.

I do agree I’ve been through a lot. Even now, 4 days after finishing the antibiotics, I’m fighting a cold. How is that even possible??? I’m remaining as positive as I can taking one day at a time. Wouldn’t it be lovely if I wake up tomorrow and felt really good?!!!

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