Finally finished with antibiotics

Finally finished with antibiotics

Yesterday was the last day of the antibiotics. I have been taking a prophylactic drug from the time I got home from the hospital on March 5th. I was taking Atovaquone. This is an anti-fungal, anti-parasite liquid. It is supposed to be banana flavored. I personally would never eat a banana if it tasted like that. This medication is an antibiotic used to treat and prevent pneumonia. It is given to people that can’t take other antibiotics, have HIV or other issues causing low immunity. After almost a month in the hospital getting IV antibiotics, I was given this too. I came home March 5th with about 2 1/2’weeks of this disgusting medication. Upon finishing the 3 weeks of this I wasn’t even done. I had to take another antibiotic, Bactrim, 3 times a day for three days but skip a day in between. I take the pills and next day take nothing followed by taking the pills etc.

My body has had enough of antibiotics. I started waking up achy in the morning. My fever rose a little to 99,5. I’d be sweating again every afternoon. I am so done with all of this. I’m celebrating that I am finished. Almost a month on IV antibiotics. Followed by another month of oral antibiotics. My body literally can’t take anymore. I honestly think that’s why the temperature started rising again, the aches came back and the sweating. I need a detox. My stomach is a mess from all the medication regardless of the probiotics I have been taking. A wonderful side effect from all this. Plus a wonderful issue for someone with secondary progressive MS.

My last Kesimpta shot was on January 19. I am now clear to resume my MS drug. I spoke with one of my neurologists on Monday and my MS specialist yesterday. We all agreed that I should be on some disease modifying therapy, regardless if we can prove it is doing anything or not. It will take a few weeks to set up my Rituxan infusion once again. That will give my body time to finally be clear of antibiotics. Hopefully, I’m not writing a blog in a month about my nightmare getting my Rituxan infusion. If I only had that issue and no UTIs or pneumonia I’ll be fine.

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