Second half of Ocrevus infusion today

Second half of Ocrevus infusion today

I should be done. I should be done with the side effects from the steroids. I should be done with sitting there for 5+ hours. I should be done with the Benadryl. Yet I am not thanks to the infusion place ordering the wrong dosage amount last week. I once again have to go in today. I decided not to wait two weeks like when you first start Ocrevus because I just want to get it done.

I once again cleared my schedule for the week. I’m going to juice for Wednesday and Thursday. I’m annoyed I have to do any of this truthfully. I actually got pretty sick last week. First was the skin which is a very typical reaction of mine with steroids. However, Saturday out of nowhere I started sweating. I could not get it my body temperature correct. My arms would be freezing and everything else would be in a sweat. My legs became very weak so walking was very difficult. I had two falls. This whole feeling lasted for about five hours. Then it went away as fast as it came. I just don’t want to deal with that again. I’m just so annoyed that they got it wrong and yet I’m the one who’s going to suffer for it. However I have no choice I have to have the correct medicine. I can promise you after this I’ll be looking for a new place that my insurance company will approve. Hoping for a good nurse and a good vein.

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