Bad MS day

Bad MS day

Yesterday was a tough one. From the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to bed. I even slept for 12 hours. It started first thing in the morning, I fell almost to soon as I got out of bed. The spasticity in my body was at an all time high. I really wanted to take a second neurontin, but I know that can make me very loopy and would make my walking even harder. Since I was already having an unsteady day on my feet I didn’t think that was going to be the smartest move. I had such a headache to. The spasticity in my back feels like someone took a fork and twisted all my tendons like spaghetti. It comes on very fast and could last hours or days.

I also had that breathing thing yesterday. Especially after I ate. I just felt like I almost had shortness of breath or I needed to cough. I don’t know if that’s the MS hug symptom or just the spasticity moving to the front of my chest. Whatever it is, it’s very uncomfortable. For some reason that one doesn’t last so long thankfully. I usually drink cold water and try to relax and mostly not panic.

I couldn’t regulate my body temperature. This is something unfortunately I’ve dealt with many times. I’m sitting right next to the AC that is set at 68° and I was still sweating. It was only 74° out yesterday, far from that hot. I finally was able to regulate my temperature when I ate my frozen grapes. Even as I’m writing this, I’m sweating. I haven’t had any hot coffee, I’m not even moving yet I’m sweaty. It makes no sense. I overheat which affects all my other MS symptoms. I’d understand if I was doing something. It’s frustrating and I’m very far from the true summer heat.

Just taking it easy today. I do feel a lot better than yesterday. I’m very tired though. I’m also very warm. ☹️

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  1. Sorry to hear things are so hard Cuz! I hope today felt better, and tomorrow as well. We miss you and love you lots. Plan on being out 6/16 if you can make it. Happy to provide a ride.


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