A win is a win

A win is a win

I swam 25 laps. Yippee!! I drank water before and during my swimming. I had little aches but they didn’t last long and weren’t severe at all. This was the first time I was able to do 25 laps in weeks. It is silly but I’m very excited. It’s the small things with MS. No matter how small a win is I’ve learned to appreciate the win.

I’ve dealt with MS for 20 years. I spent most of those years taking for granted the good days while I highlighted all the bad ones. It was unfortunately the wrong attitude. I was not seeing life from any positive perspective. I spent the majority of my life negative, focusing on what I didn’t have instead of being grateful for what I did.

My MS got worse, my heart got broken and I became permanently disabled but I’ve never been happier. Life is about perspective and your thoughts about situations. Each day we have a choice to see things in a positive light or a negative one. Each day we have a choice to smile or to frown. I could have benefited from learning these lessons earlier but I learned them. If I can pass them on to anyone else, that’s another win. Happy Tuesday!!!!

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  1. Keep going. You are almost at 1 mile. depending on whether your pool is meters or yards, you only have a few more to go for a mile. In a meters pool, you need 32 laps (down and back is 1 lap) and 35 for a yards pool. Keep up the good work, and just keep swimmin”.

  2. Congrats on 25 laps–whoo-hoo!
    I’ve also had MS around 20 years, plus a heart condition and thyroid condition–and definitely struggle with negativity. Thanks for passing on the encouraging words and perspective! 🙂

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