Triple Magnesium Complex for bowel issues

Triple Magnesium Complex for bowel issues

Let me tell you, I’ve been dealing with bowel issues for a very long time having multiple sclerosis. I’ve tried many different things that have worked for a short while only to stop working again. I finally went to see a gastroenterologist for help. We started me on Linzess and tweaked things because it wasn’t really working out. After trying a few things I landed back on Linzess and Amitiza. Eventually I was either not going or having accidents. It wasn’t I good scene. I finally listened to a friend Serena, who also has MS, that’s been using Triple Magnesium Complex.

This is an inexpensive supplement found on Amazon or any local drug store. I take the 400mg capsule twice a day. I havent taken any of the perscription drugs in 3 weeks and I’ve been going to the bathroom almost daily. my accidents have been minimal. this has worked out for me so much better than all the drugs given by the doctor. I haven’t needed any laxatives or additional fiber pills. So far this has always performed better than anything else I’ve used. A supplement for less than $15, who knew?

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