Another fall to face the truth

Another fall to face the truth

Well another episode started off an otherwise lovely evening. My mom and stepdad were coming over for dinner and to watch Yellowstone. We missed last week’s episode so we were in for a double feature. It was just about 4:00 when I hung up with my mother. I was getting up to feed my puppies. I didn’t transfer to my wheelchair well. I ended up sliding down to the floor. When I got up I would have taken the increase Baclofen that my doctor had prescribed. It has been helping but I didn’t take anything since about 9am. When I slid to the floor my spasticity was in full force and I couldn’t bend my legs. Without bending my legs I couldn’t get up. After about 3.0 minutes I called my stepdad and said “you need to come over early, I’m on the floor .”

I never want to scare them but no matter how I tell them telling them I’ve fallen, it never goes well. They got here pretty quick considering my stepdad wasn’t even home yet. There I was on the floor with legs that were as useless as a bicycle for a fish. I couldn’t even maneuver myself to sit up. All I could do was lay there. I wasn’t even sure what my parents could do to help me get up. I couldn’t figure out how to get my legs in the right position. I couldn’t bend my legs even with help. I was completely rigid. It was frustrating but also scary. I knew in that instance I really need more aide hours because of moments like this. I am not getting better and I need help. I need supervision whether I like it or not.

I don’t even know how my stepdad did it, but as I was trying to get on my knees he lifted me up. Somehow he managed to pull me up by my waist. It was done where I was able to get my knees underneath me. I’m trying to explain this but I honestly have no idea how he managed to pull me up. Once I was on my knees I was able to use my wheelchair to stand me up. I just couldn’t get to my knees by myself. I couldn’t bend my legs. Once I got up I was fine. I took the Baclofen and I have been doing okay for the evening. I don’t know if this spasticity will ever go away or will just be another symptom I need to deal with. I know that it is another symptom making my independence more difficult. I’m thankful my mom and stepdad were available. I think if they weren’t around it would have been the second time I had to use my med alert.

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