Neurologist visits

Neurologist visits

I have to say this cold has kicked the shit out of me. I know taking Rituxan lowers my immune system but I honestly very rarely get sick. Even my issues in 2022 I was on Kesimpta, not Rituxan. The last cold I had was back in 2019 when I went on my last vacation. I went to Mexico with my family. I had the worst cold. I was miserable for the first 4 days of the week’s vacation. I now have been sick for 6 days and I am finally feeling slightly better, but far from good. I had to see my neurologist on Tuesday and I did make it to that doctors appointment. However, I collapsed for the entire day after. Tomorrow I’m going to my other neurologist in NYC. It will be a long day. I’ll be picked up at 7:30 for a 9:30 appointment and won’t be home until around 12. I have had only video calls with my neurologists since covid. I needed to make an appearance in person. Neither has even seen me since I got out of the hospital after the pneumonia. I have to pull my strength together and do this.

Tuesday was my neurologist that has been seeing my for almost 25 years. I was feeling pretty awful from my cold. I also was having one of my sweating moments where I was literally dripping for no apparent reason. I mean like my hair was wet as if I was working out. No reason for that. It was 40 degrees outside. I was wearing a t-shirt with a light sweatshirt jacket that I had already taken off. The office wasn’t overly heated. It was me, wearing the mask and not controlling my body heat. That only made my MS symptoms worse. Shocking that when my neurologist did his normal tests, he concluded that my MS has worsened. I didn’t need him that tell me that. I knew that already. I also knew it means nothing because nothing can be done. We discussed that my other neurologist and I have discussed doing a round of steroids to help boost energy. He agreed with trying the pulse steroids. It has been many years since I had a steroid infusion. It might help, it might do nothing but it won’t hurt. Other than discussing migraine medication, nothing else major was discussed. I did need a form filled out for my long term disability which did require an in person visit. It worked out well I made it to the appointment. Next appointment will my a video in March.

Tomorrow I need to have all my strength for a long day. My NYC neurologist will do the same basic tests and come to the same basic conclusion. The reason I need both is because my NYC neurologist is a MS specialist. A top practice for multiple sclerosis. She actually prescribes the disease modifying drug. I have been seeing her for about 10 years in conjunction with my other neurologist. My other neurologist is the one who diagnosed me almost 25 years ago. I’ve been with him all these years. He’s a very good neurologist but he doesn’t specialize in MS. He is the one who sent me to the specialist. They work together. One treats my symptoms and one treats the MS. My neurologist who has been treating me for 25 years will be retiring eventually and then my MS specialist will take over all my care. Thankfully they both know what each other does. Tomorrow’s appointment will go as Tuesdays appointment went. Except for the steroid infusion set up, everything else will be as expected and the same as usual. I have multiple sclerosis. I’m getting worse. Nothing can help me. I’ll be commended on my positive attitude. Great!!! Glad I came.

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