Physical Therapy Begins Again

Physical Therapy Begins Again

Hello my fellow bloggers and readers. Happy Friday. I am chilling with Zoey watching a F1 2008 race. I’ve been watching old season since the F1 season ended in 2022. I watched every race in the two seasons that Fernando Alonso won his championship titles. Fernando Alfonso is my favorite driver. I’ve seen many of his earlier races at various times. However, to watch a season,one race at a time, you really see how the title was won. I have watched a race every morning after I exercise. Today, I didn’t exercise. I have physical therapy today. My evaluation was on Wednesday which went as expected. My therapist, who I’ve worked with for 4 years now, said you need help. Actually he said you need to be stretched daily and need physical therapy every week.

No insurance pays for therapy past a certain amount of either visits or dollar amounts. There is a cap. This cap usually consists of about 18-20 visits per year. What happens is you make progress but loose that progress because the licensed professional can’t come back for another 6-8 months. My therapist looked it up. We started my therapy last year March 30. The last visit was June 6. We made great progress. I mean I couldn’t do anything when we started and was walking the hallway when he left. Yet when the season changed from summer to fall, my symptoms seem to get worse. It was almost like my body regressed. I tried that round of steroids that did nothing. I kept hoping it would bounce back but it never did. I don’t know if physical therapy is what I am missing. I don’t know if it will make a difference. Then I don’t know how I would maintain it when I utilize all the days I have.

I don’t like physical therapy. It is very hard for me. Even if I once again walk the hallway, it isn’t like I will once again be walking. It took me more than 30 minutes to walk 100 feet. Tell me where am I walking to at that speed? Not to mention I am absolutely exhausted after achieving that superior 100 foot walk. I can’t do much of anything when I’m done with my stroll down the hallway. Most annoying is that it doesn’t even register on my Apple Watch as a walk. I don’t go fast enough for anything to register. I have to once again figure out my exercise routine around therapy. I get too wiped out from therapy to exercise on the same day anymore. I use to do that without a problem. Physical therapy is physically exhausting but doesn’t do anything to raise my heart rate or burn calories. Part of the reason I dislike therapy. I hate fatiguing myself when it isn’t a workout that I benefit from with sweat and calorie burn. Right now I am taking two weeks off where I am only using my Bionic Gym, laying off my arms. My tendinitis in my left shoulder has been acting up so I am trying to rest it a little. I’ve been doing 3 hours Bionic Gym sessions. My heart rate isn’t super high, in the mid 120’s, but lots of sweat. I can work with that routine around therapy until I figure things out.

I do love my therapist. He knows me well. He will push me past what I think I should do. I like that about him. My dogs love him too. They were so excited when he walked in on Wednesday. I hope it makes a difference. It has been frustrating here. I know I’ve made that known. I can only do what I always do, work hard. Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Happy Friday, Jaime! Whether you realize it or not, you are an inspiration to many and your hard work is an example to everyone! Love you.

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