A funny MS story…you have to find the humor

A funny MS story…you have to find the humor

I’ve written in my blog, some time over the past week, that my knees are so sore from crawling around when I’m on the floor and I have to find a place to help me stand up. Yesterday was just a bad MS day. I was frustrated, I was having difficulty walking and it just seemed I ended up with my knees down on the ground, not in falls, but I had to keep crawling around to help myself stand up again. My knees are so bruised I need time to let them heal. Yesterday wasn’t going to be that day.

We had to go to the dentist, and right before we left each one of my dogs went to the bathroom, off from where they’re supposed to go. So I was down on the ground cleaning that up then doing the crawl to stand. Then I was looking to get my shoes out of the closet and they were buried underneath something and once again I’m on the floor trying to pull them out. By the time I was able to sit down to put them on I was exhausted and putting on shoes is no easy task. Now I first had to leave the house. You can see that I was already in a bad state of mind.

We get into the lobby of my building and my feet stick in one place and my walker keeps going forward and I knew I was going to go down. Down I went in one of those slow motion for falls. I take a quick look around and realize there is nothing to help me stand up. So here is my daughter this little 5 foot 110 pound kid trying to help me stand. She’s also trying very hard not to laugh, a nervous habit of hers. She’s like could you at least move the walker to the wall and crawl over to that. I was able to get to that point and she was walking around to try and help me stand up at the same time as some person is trying to get into the building and can’t. So she is watching us for help. All of a sudden my daughter trips over my feet and goes splat on the floor. So here we were both of us lying on the floor in the lobby of my building, the person that couldn’t get in just left. I can only imagine what she was thinking. My daughter and I were laughing so hard that it took us another five minutes to try to attempt to get me up again.

Obviously I got up again all is right in the world and it was really funny moment. Just have to say those lobbies have cameras so whoever was watching that maybe from the security booth probably got a good laugh too.

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