Proud to be with the spirit junkies

Proud to be with the spirit junkies

Well I can certainly say today’s content is much lighter than yesterday’s. We are discussing marketing and the online presence. Hey, I got that. I write a blog. It’s all about website and blog related information. Right up my alley, no tears. Yet I walked out of the meeting pretty cranky.

The room we used was so hot. Every time a window was opened, some one closed it minutes later. Here I am in a very light shirt overheating. Overheating with MS do I really need to say more? My cheeks were becoming bright red, I was feeling foggy and my MS just gets activated. I was trying to take notes on what they were saying and my shaky handwriting just continued to become less and less legible.

The bathroom wasn’t really handicap accessible. It was big enough to get in if someone was around to open the door. I was fortunate to have help the three trips I took, but it still required me to hobble out of my scooter each time. Gets tiring!!! However it was so cool in the bathroom I was thrilled to be in there. The changes in temperature didn’t help. I think it just added to the overheating problem.

The worst part was when I was “trying” to leave the room in my scooter, everyone kind of swarmed around me to exit and I was stuck until they were all out and I could maneuver my scooter. No one gave me any space to leave, I had to wait which just added to my mood. I was so annoyed, I came back to my room because I didn’t want to deal with anyone. I wanted the air from my window and quiet. I instead sat and wrote this blog.

It is now 9:32pm and I’ve erased most of the original draft of this blog. I was in a dark place this afternoon and even I knew it was a rant. I must say for all of those people who walked around me this morning, just as many did something nice for me this afternoon. It may have been a comment, a joke, holding a door open or offering to get me a drink but most of these woman have really gone out of there way to help me in some way. They have been an intricate part in making this week special. They have made it easier for me to be here with my disability. It has warmed my heart the compassion of these woman. I’m truly grateful.

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