Thankful to my Aid

Thankful to my Aid

It’s Saturday which means I don’t have my aid. I love my aid, I truly do. I’m so grateful for everything she does but I look forward to my weekends and my alone time. Is that bad? It is nice to get out of bed whenever I want and get dressed whenever I want. Sometimes I even stay in pajamas all day. My week is still busy enough to tire me out. It doesn’t take much. I like to watch my mindless tv shows and cozy up with my dogs. My dogs are usually extra cuddly because someone else isn’t walking around the house.

It took some time to get use to having an aid with me 40 hours a week. I got very lucky with mine because we get along well. I don’t want to think about the day she moves on to a new job. Yet it is an odd thing to have someone watching over you like that. Now we are in a routine and she knows me and my limitations and it is easier but I still cherish my weekends.

She’s great and makes sure I’m fully set up. Clothes are laid out for each day. She cooks my food during the week so I only have to heat things up. It can’t be any easier. All I have to do is my workouts, take care of my dogs and get my water when I finish my cup. Even I can handle that.

Monday comes and the routine starts again. At first having the aid was tough physically in my world and mentally. Now I look at her as a friend who I see more than anyone in my family. I realized writing this my aid is a blessing and I’m very lucky. She helps me considerably and puts my family at ease knowing I’m safe Monday-Friday. As much as I love her the benefit to my family is huge. They use to worry about me all the time and now they could worry a little less. As hard as it was to accept a full time aid, I’m so fortunate I am able to get the help.

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