The Boston Market down the block

The Boston Market down the block

Right down the road from where I live now is a Boston Market. This restaurant has significant markers to the history of my multiple sclerosis. It was this restaurant that I was promoted to general manager. It was here when I was on the phone with my mother when she asked me how my eyes were. The question was about my optic neuritis which wasn’t diagnosed at that time. That was later figured out after my diagnosis. I remember when my mom asked me the question looking at the signs on the cleaners across the street, which is also still there, realizing the “sunspot” that was in my vision for weeks disappeared.

It was also in this restaurant where I started having very serious issues walking. I remember seeing my mom and stepdad coming through the front door. I remember them at the edge of the counter saying to me “this is not in your head, something is wrong”. You see with the optic neuritis one of the doctors made a comment that maybe the symptoms where in my head. When nothing was shown on the MRI, or so I thought, and it went away miraculously. I thought it was stress from being promoted. I thought the fact I couldn’t walk was also stress from purchasing a house. I was wrong on both accounts. That MRI actually did show one single lesion and six months later when I couldn’t walk I had multiple lesions. The diagnosis was made.

It all started in the Boston Market down the road. I pass it everyday I go out. Funny how things come in full circle. My diagnosis ultimately lead me to leave the restaurant industry and that’s how I ended up in collections and billing in a nursing home. It is crazy how the path of life goes.

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