The end of July

The end of July

July is ending today. I made it through the month. Only one more long month of summer to go and I should be good. It’s just these two months that are difficult for me the other 10 I can get through. However I’m still jealous of my little sister in San Francisco with that perfect mid 70’s weather year round. That would be perfect. Anyway I can celebrate successfully navigating another month of July.

This was an uneventful month which most of my months are. A few doctors appointments, some MS issues but nothing out of the ordinary. I am not complaining about that!!! My daughter will be leaving again for school in a few weeks. That makes me a little sad. It’s been nice having her home. She moved in her stuff to her apartment with her boyfriend and friends last week. I went to my MRI.

I forgot to call my neurologist. He’d have online access to my scan. He isn’t in the office today so it will have to wait. I’m not expecting anything and neither is he, progression of MS isn’t in active lesions. My follow up with the gastroenterologist is in another week and so far the new medicine linzess has been working well for me. That’s been a plus.

August tends to be hotter than July so I still have a tough month to get through but I’m almost there. Sorry to all the summer lovers out there, I’m happy when it ends. One more month and counting.

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