My words are my actions

My words are my actions

One thing I can say about myself is I’m not a slacker. If I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. I wrote about my weakness in my legs the other day My muscles are getting weaker. In the blog I realized I had to do something. So I first thought on safety. I can’t fatigue myself to the point I can’t transfer. My daughter has been so helpful when my aid isn’t around but she’s 5’0 and 120lbs. She isn’t picking me up off the floor. Then it occurred to me in one of the places I visit often.

My grab bar in the bathroom. Very similar to the parallel bar I hold onto in physical therapy. These are also very securely in place. I have one in each bathroom. I decided to hold the bar and do squats. I don’t cheat and use the bar to get me up. The bar is there strictly for me to hold my balance. I’d do a set of ten each bathroom break until I really felt my legs had enough. Saturday I didn’t do any workouts so I probably did 6 sets. Sunday i did a 50 minute workout and did my minimum I set of at least 3. They aren’t easy by any means when you have weakness in your quads and glutes. I fought to get 8, 9, and 10 done every time. Legs were shaking. I believe this will help strengthen these muscles as I continue to do these daily.

My second thing I am starting today.

My rollator is back next to me. This one I will only do with my aid around. This is a big safety risk. I want to be on my feet a little each day. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use it to walk a few laps around my condo, like I did in therapy, or just as I get up. I guess I’ll decide that as the week goes on. I don’t want my body to forget how to walk. Yet safety has to be the top priority so this one I won’t do on my own. However I’m ready to get up and moving.

As a typical Monday goes, I already did a 45 minute Sh’bam dance workout. Wasn’t my greatest workout but I did bring on a sweat and an average heart rate of 119, not terrible. I will get my squat reps in throughout the day. My goal is 4 to 5 sets and I think I’m just planning on using the walker for when I get up. I’ll reevaluate and adjust as I go. ??

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