Occupational therapy in my home

Occupational therapy in my home

There’s been a lot going on this week and I’m not sure where to begin. After being traumatized this weekend, it was hard for me to even focus on everything that was happening, and a lot was happening. My new aide started on Monday, I got an OT evaluation to start that twice a week in the house, and Mikayla left. I’m also going for a urologist appointment on Friday to discuss the Botox in the bladder. I haven’t decided one way or the other on it but I need to open the conversation. Since the occupational therapist just left, let’s discuss that.

They decided to do one therapy at a time and not combine them like I was originally doing which was completely fine by me. We are starting with occupational therapy. When he came by on Monday he did an evaluation and we discussed my goals. For the first one it was transfers. What is wonderful about having therapy in my home is that we can actually work on transfers in my normal situations. that of course is going to be a big one because I still have way too many falls. The second thing that was also a tremendous goal was working on getting up off the floor. Again, it’s such a big difference being in my house. This is my environment where falls actually happen. This is what I’m working with when I am on the floor. There are no safety bars or people around or other equipment that can help me get up like in my physical therapy studio I used to go to. This is my life. We are working in my real situation. That is going to make such a big difference. My third goal was strength in my arms especially my left one. There is a very big difference between my right and left arm so working on strength in my upper body is very important to me. I need the strength in my arms for transfers and getting up from a fall. 

Today was my first day of activity. I actually did do my daily MS gym exercises but they weren’t difficult today. It was mostly stretching. Thank god because my OT therapist, whose name is Happy by the way, worked my ass off. He used my theraband and weights I owned to work my muscles. Due to the coronavirus, they don’t share equipment. I had to buy a couple of things that have not come yet so we used my current equipment. Luckily I have a lot of current equipment. He certainly knew how to get that equipment to make me work. It was hard and I’m gonna be really sore from that. I even did my Nemesis sit to stands. I’m happy to say it went a lot better than I expected. I actually give credit to the MS gym because I’ve been working really hard for two months now on my core and I think it’s made a big difference.

I must say I’m glad it’s not back until Monday. I definitely am gonna have to cut down what I think I could’ve exercise before he comes. I have a feeling he’s going to be kicking my ass twice a week. Who needs a physical trainer. This is OT what’s going to happen when we get to PT? Actually who am I kidding, I like it. I like being worked. I like it when it’s hard. Call me crazy. So this was a good thing that I was able to get started.

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  1. I have been thinking about OT in my home and your post encouraged me to ask my doctor for it. Thank you for your posts

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