My new aide

My new aide

I’m very happy to report that my new aide is extremely nice, has been helpful but most importantly likes my dogs. If the person couldn’t get along with my dogs then they couldn’t get along with me. It’s only been three days now compared to my last aide of 3 years so of course there is an adjustment. Thankfully, it is not at all as difficult as I thought it could be. She lives with her sister and brother very close by to me which is great. she has no children and she’s not married. However, she doesn’t cook. That could be a little bit of a challenge. I would have to instruct her recipe or a recipe but even had a cut things because I can’t even cut vegetables. So right now I have tons of food that my old aid made for me but this could be an obstacle down the line. 

I placed an order for delivery today with Amazon fresh. I stumbled upon Amazon fresh because I had a coupon code but found their prices were so much less than everywhere else. I can literally get a food delivery the next day. If you haven’t checked them out I would highly recommend it. I took a lot of the food that was already prepared by my previous aid and put it in the freezer. This way I can heat them up whenever I want. In my food delivery I purchased a lot of meals that could be easily put together. For instance I purchased teriyaki tofu and a stirfry vegetable mix.   This way it’s easily put together and could be left in my refrigerator or freezer.  I know I can always purchase one of the meals from any of the home delivery plans, but I prefer doing it this way plus it will still be much cheaper. They make so many plant-based vegan meals that are frozen now at the grocery store, I don’t need to really worry too much. I probably didn’t even need this delivery yet but I couldn’t eat the same two meals every day for another two weeks. I was getting bored needed variety.

My new aid has redone all my draws in my dresser. She wanted to familiarize herself wear my clothes are placed. Plus I must say she folds extremely neatly. I just feel bad because sometimes, especially in these days, there’s not much we do. This has been a very busy week too. It has been nonstop action in my house. Yet it’s still quiet and I don’t go out much. The heat is still too much for me and I am a couple of weeks away from my next and infusion. Covid is still an issue for me. However, she’s watched a little bit of what I watched, kept herself busy cleaning my drawers, and is very attentive any time I move.  Hopefully this will workout well.

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