The last of the week trip to urologist Botox for the bladder

The last of the week trip to urologist Botox for the bladder

It’s Friday, this was such a long week I am very happy to be here. I couldn’t imagine having to work. I’m dreading driving and I only have to go down the block today. This week has definitely been an abnormal week for me. Starting with my traumatizing weekend The horrible weekend tale. Multiple Sclerosis at it’s worst, A new aid My new aide, PT therapy Occupational therapy in my home and today is the urologist. Compared to other weeks, this one was packed. I also had friends come over, had my carpets cleaned, did my nails, had food delivered and had my house cleaned. So not only was my week packed with new things, there was a lot of hustle and bustle throughout the week. I hate to use the word but I am spent. This was just to much in one week.

One more thing left to do today which is the appointment with the urologist. I’m gonna be happy when it’s finished. Hopefully I don’t have to undress and dress again and all of that. I just want to discuss the Botox and how it works. I haven’t been there in about 15 years so I don’t know what to expect. The last time I went to the urologist I was having hesitancy. That was my first issue with the bladder. That’s when I learned to put pressure on the outside bottom of my stomach, in the bladder region, to start the flow of the urination. I still do it to this day although now it’s more to empty the bladder not to start the flow. However I can’t empty the bladder without doing it. One of my many conundrum’s when it comes to bladder issues. So we’ll see what the doctor says.

My concern is obviously using doing a catheter. I’m curious as to what would happen to my bladder after the six months when botox wears off. Would my bladder go back to the way it is now or would it forget completely and I would have no control? Those are my major concerns regarding the Botox. However the thought of not getting up every couple hours really is sounding a hell of a lot better than that catheter. Although my last question that has to be asked is I take a water pill because I have Edema which increases urination, how does that work?

Hopefully I’ll have these answers today and then from there I can make a decision with my family. After the appointment I am done for the weekend. I’m exhausted and I’ve had enough. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with my dogs. It’s an F1 racing weekend so I am going to be very occupied.

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