Busy Day

Busy Day

I’m actually writing this on Thursday evening. I had a long day. Since the change in my aides shifts, I am up at 7am. This morning I was up at 5. I had one of those MS symptoms that plague me whenever it is a inconvenient time. My feet were in pain. More like my heels. I felt like pins were simultaneously sticking into both my heels at the same time. Neuropathy. I know it well, but this time it really hurt. I tried but I couldn’t sleep through the pain. I moved my feet, as best I could, trying to change position but it didn’t really help. I laid in bed for the next two hours. I was tired, I wanted to sleep. My feet finally felt better once my body got some blood moving.

Once I was up, dressed and fed the puppies, I strapped on my Bionic Gym. I’ve committed myself back to working out. Since sitting in the wheelchair is still not an option, I figured out to workout in the bed. I still was able to get and maintain a heart rate of 130 for an hour of cardio. I worked up a nice sweat. Most importantly, I felt really good. I just felt more myself even in a bed. Go me. I was treated to a massage after, thank you to my sister. That felt so good. Especially after a good workout. I followed all of this with a phone call from my life coach. I must say, starting communication with her during this difficult challenge with my disability, was a smart decision. I needed help with clarity and positivity during this time. It definitely hasn’t been an easy road. Finally my dog walker came to walk the puppies. Ok maybe that wasn’t about me but it still requires my attention.

So now I am chilling. Writing a blog that will post on tomorrow morning. I know I’m planning on doing another workout in bed in the morning. I am looking forward to a day with no other activity. I am happy to lay back with my puppies. Enjoy the weekend and the warmer temperatures that are forecasted.

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